Quest GeoSystems Management (Quest) is a State of California Certified Micro-business (OSBR# 21959) founded in September 1996. From Quest’s creation through today, Quest has developed and evolved with the environmental industry to accommodate our customers’ needs as regulatory changes. Subsequently, Quest has established, and continues to develop, a diverse client base. Professional experience among its team members includes work performed throughout the Western United States.


Quest was established with a framework of fundamental principals: to operate constantly with solid integrity, honesty, and within the unwavering boundaries of sound, ethical business practices. We will maintain a positive attitude towards the accomplishment of each task and strive to perform our services in a professional, equitable, and expeditious manner through the use of the most innovative technology and cost effective mechanisms available and with the primary intent of customer satisfaction. A fundamental operating philosophy at Quest is our belief that communication is essential to a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. A mindset of open communication and teamwork is reinforced and exists at several levels, both internally within our own personnel and management, and externally with our clients, vendors, regulators, partners and any additional key players whom are instrumental to our clients’ success.

We are a diverse international community of creative problem solvers. We are dedicated to enhancing the world with our mutual talents in environmental sciences, engineering, construction, and management. We thrive in a sea of competing views, cultures, and personalities. We have a global perspective. We seek to affirm the sanctity of the individual and to encourage constant, whole personal growth either as a part of our group or away from us. We treat our employees, clients, and subcontractors with respect. By winning clients, keeping them more than satisfied and expanding our individual talents, we are a world-class company. We reward initiative and team players.

Quest is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees under all conditions. Safety is given priority on every project performed from the initiation to completion. Work is not conducted unless a safe environment is first established and is constantly maintained in which Quest and its subcontractors can complete its tasks. Project specific safety plans are implemented on the outset of each new project and are tailored to conform to the particular elements of the site and scope of work involved. Project safety requirements are assured by the Project Managers and are routinely reviewed during the course of the work to assure compliance.