Quest GeoSystems Management (Quest) is an environmental and engineering geology firm that provides professional consulting services for the investigation, remediation and management of environmental concerns. We are headquartered in Rancho Cordova, California and have serviced sites throughout the western United States since 1996. Our core services are environmental site assessment, soil and groundwater investigation and remediation, environmental monitoring, regulatory negotiation, construction management for remediation projects, risk management and turn-key project management.

We take pride in performing thorough and accurate site assessment, efficient remedial solutions, and most importantly, in helping our clients balance their multiple priorities. We have a proven track record in obtaining and maintaining regulatory compliance, keeping costs low, and limiting our clients' liability. In communicating and negotiating with regulatory agencies, our reputation for integrity and high quality work precedes us and makes Quest your best choice for representation.

To inquire about Quest's services, please call our corporate headquarters at (925) 756-1210 or email us at